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07-27-2016, 04:47 PM
To Alex Scott and anyone else that can help.

I'm working on a tune and I decided to play 16ths. I can't seem to get even 16ths. I am using a pick because I couldn't get the fingers moving fast enough.

My question. What are some things I can do from a practice stand point to get these 16ths in time? I don't sound so bad in the mix, but I can only imagine that the tune would sound that much better with me playing even 16ths. I include these samples so that you can hear the problem: I'm uneven.

Sample in the mix - https://soundcloud.com/gammasign/sample-in-the-mix/s-KDC5E - :torn:

And now for the shame...

Sample with bass and drums - https://soundcloud.com/gammasign/sample-drums-and-bass/s-OcOh1 :disgust:

By the way, it took 18 takes to get it this far. :sad face:

I don't want to quantize audio, but the thought has crossed my mind. Along with getting a real bass player to play it. Is there hope?

Thanks Alex,
Hope to catch you tonight!

07-28-2016, 08:07 AM

Lately i've been working a lot on alternate picking and so to me this is a case related to this. It's been said over and over but that is just the basic and it's working for me; 1- Metronome, metronome & metronome. Start slowly and add as you're getting comfortable (it could take hours, days, weeks, months). Remember, no stress put on any part of your body (tension doesn't really help). As you're getting faster little details are starting to make a difference; The pick should be cut to the maximum don't exaggerate your picking motion (look for linear picking on the net), stay as close as the strings that you can, watch your right arm (if you're a righty) and pay attention if changing your elbow position makes a difference. Remember it takes time, practice as this thing just don't come easy. Hope it helped. A+

07-28-2016, 01:47 PM
Thanks franco!

I have to get a battery for my Dr. Beat (metronome). I hear what you're saying about no tension and staying close to the string. Bass string control, that's what I need. I'm prepared for it to take a few weeks, months. The scaring thing about recording was, I thought I was in time and rhythmically accurate when I was playing the part. Lot's of work for me to do on bass.

It was good to hear from you franco. It's been a while.

Cheers buddy,
Gamma :)

07-28-2016, 02:40 PM
My pleasure Gamma, always happy to help. Recording is the ultimate test....it exposed the evidence; you either got it right or you either got it wrong......if you're using a DAW activate the metronome when you're recording, lower what's behind and concentrate on the metronome...be patient..... keep us posted.....A+