View Full Version : Any country bass teachers on jamplay?

04-25-2015, 09:09 AM
I'm interested in country bass. I play a little. Standard root and fifth stuff. I want to learn more. Start developing bass lines.

Does jamplay offer much for country bass? Are any of the teachers country bass players?

I bought a short scale, 4 string bass. The fender pawn shop Mustang. A Single humbucking pickup. 30” scale length
It has light gauge strings (.040-.095 Gauges) that are easier on my fingers. I play guitar too and can't risk shredding my fingers on heavy bass strings.


Fender had a Mustang bass in the 1970's, but this is a total redesign.

Theres some good bass parts in country music. Clyde (Waylon Jennings) has a nice bass line. That's one song I want to learn.

Taras Prodaniuk is Merle Haggard's bass player. He toured with Dwight Yoakam for 14 years. I really like his playing, and want to learn those bass parts.

12-23-2015, 09:38 AM
Currently we don't have a bass instructor who is solely focused on Country Bass, though I'm sure we could keep an eye out and try to fill that void in the not too distant future. That said, many of our instructors are "jacks of all genres" and are experienced in the genre and there are at least a handful of lessons on the site that focus directly on the genre as well as lessons on the rock and roll and blues genre that will have instruction that would translate well into country music. I found a few from Larry Cook's Americana series, which is maybe the closest thing we have to a Country Bass Series at the moment. I know Alex Scott has some Country relevant, Phase 1 lessons towards the end of his Beginning Bass Concepts series that will be going live on the site before long as well. Hope these are helpful!

Basic Country Bass with Larry Cook

Rockabilly Bass with Larry Cook (This one uses a root-fifth line and has a somewhat similar feel to Clyde)

Country Pop Bass with Larry Cook