View Full Version : Kudos to Freebo

08-29-2014, 12:10 PM
Hello all,

A long time Guitar subscriber, I decided to try bass, and I have to say that the beginner series for bass is pretty boring, nearly every instructors saying the same thing, some of them seem to be here more for personal promotion than any thing else, bass section lacks a Steve Eulberg, a Eve Goldberg or a Hawkeye... But there is an exception.

The Freebo series is fantastic especially for the Music Theory part that is tremendous. This series of lessons by itself justify the subscription to the bass section. Freebo doesn't explain what is a neck and where are the strings, but why a bassist have to play which notes and this is great !

Freebo speaks and demonstrates too quickly but thanks to the new interface everything can be slowed down.

Congratulation Freebo !!