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06-14-2013, 12:12 AM
hey guys,

Figured I would start a thread since every forum I am on has a post your rig/bass thread so we get some eye candy :p

I dont have a pic of my electrics right now but heres my main setup, usually I have an ibanez 5 string in there as well.


07-18-2013, 01:45 PM

My rig is nothing to brag about -- just your standard Ibanez GSR-200 beginner bass -- but the transparent red finish is pretty darn sexy.


07-30-2013, 10:47 PM

I'm using a Fender Bassman 300 Pro head with the matching Fender Pro 215 cabinet. The basses are both Fender P-basses (2012 Fender USA Standard with round wounds and a 2012 Fender Roger Waters signature bass with flat wounds). My effects are a Zoom B3 paired with as Morley "Bad Horsie II" wah pedal. I tend to use various modeled chorus, delay, and distortions on the Zoom pedal. I would love an all analog effects board, but I can never make up my mind on the pedals. I am very happy with the wah I am using so I didn't opt for the zoom expression pedal.

I also have a Line 6 LowDown 300 combo I use for practice and smaller shows.

I hope to pickup Fender Modern Player Telecaster bass soon.

07-04-2014, 08:49 AM
Nothing fancy in my equipment.

I use a 1998 (yes 16 years old) Ibanez SR590 and I don't use and amp, I use either Amplitube on my Mac or Jampup on my iPad