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get educated:the german music thread
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    Default get educated:the german music thread

    hey guys. in germany we mainly listen to english music but there is also a large amount of german artists.
    first of all i wanted to ask you if you ever heared of some german artists i think kevin said something like that in one post. so do you know german artists and how did you like their music?

    i want to introduce you to the (in my sight) best and worst german musicians and ask you about your opinion.


    im starting off with my favorite band. a punkrockband that started in the 80s when i was born. im a fan from the begining on and they are still my favorite band. the lyrics are critical but always in a funny ironical way. their name is "Die Ärzte" which means "The Doctors" here some music of them: (BEST LIVE BAND EVER!!!!!)
    actually im gonna post the whole rock am ring "ärzte" performance. you should really take the time and listen to the whole concert its awesome!
    Nicht Allein (part1)
    Hurra & Ignorama (part2)hurra=hooray - a song about the fall of the german wall
    Motherfucker 666" & "Langweilig" (part3)
    "Komm Zurück", "Bravopunks" & "Yoko Ono" (part4)
    "Popstar" & "Rettet Die Wale" (part5)save the wales(really funny lyrics)
    "Der Graf" & "Erna P." (part6)der graf=the earl - a song about dracula who cant live in the modern world anymore
    "Deine Schuld" & "Geisterhaus" (part7)
    Friedenspanzer (part 8)peacetank - a song for peace
    "Mach Die Augen Zu" (part 9)
    "Manchmal Haben Frauen..." & "Angeber" (part 10)
    "Ein Mann" & "Wie Es Geht". And a SitLaoLa.(they actually make a LaoLa by stting down and standing up awesome ) (part 11)
    "Kopfüber In Die Hölle" & "Ist Das Alles?" (part 12)love those songs espacially the firstone
    "1/2 Lovesong" (part 13)
    "Schrei Nach Liebe" & "Anneliese Schmidt" (part 14)schrei nach liebe=shout for love - a song against nazis... one of their oldest and most popular
    "Rebell" (part 15)
    "Dinge Von Denen" (part 16)
    "Unrockbar" (part 17)Unrockbar=Unrockable, a word they invented
    "Westerland"(part 18)maybe most popular song of them everyone in germany knows it
    "Elke" (part 19)
    "Zu Spät" the end(part 20)

    now another german artist got popular about 1-2 years ago. "Revolverheld" makes rock/pop
    "Mit dir chilln"
    "Du explodierst"
    "Freunde bleiben"

    we continue with "Silbermond" yet another rock/pop band
    "Durch die Nacht"
    "das Ende vom Kreis"

    ok nextone is "Juli" pop/rock
    "Die perfekte Welle"
    "Geile zeit"
    "Wir beide"

    now some popstars (like american idol there are 2 shows on german TV one is called "POPSTARS" the other one "DEUTSCHLAND SUCHT DEN SUPERSTAR"=germany is searching the superstar) this band is the recent "popstars winner" "Monrose" popmusic of cause
    "Hot Summer"
    "Shame"their first songs/hit
    "Even heaven cries"

    next band was one of the first "popstars winner" and the most successful castingband in germany ever "No Angels"
    "Daylight In Your Eyes"
    "Still in Love with You"
    "There Must Be An Angel"
    "Goodbye To Yesterday"
    "All Cried Out"
    "Maybe" (their current hit)

    now the recent "deutschland sucht den superstar winner" "Mark Medlock"
    "Easy" (still in the castings)
    "(Sitting on the) Dock of the Bay" (in the castings)
    "Now Or Never " (his first own song/hit)
    "You can get it" feat the postars jury man Dieter Bohlen - ex "Modern Talking" (his recent hit)

    we proceed to ne next genre - rap/hip hop/soul
    "Xavier Naidoo" to me one of the best german artists (soul)
    "I've never seen"
    "Tage und Stunden"
    "Was wir allein nicht schaffen" during world soccer championship 2006 in germany
    "Danke"-a tribute to the german national soccer team on soccer world championship 2006 in germany
    "Wo Willst Du Hin?"
    "Führ mich ans Licht"
    "Bevor Du Gehst"
    "Abschied Nehmen"
    "Adriano - Letzte Warnung"
    "Wenn ich schon Kinder hätte" feat. Curse

    nextone is "Curse" to me the best german rap artist
    "Warum nicht?"
    "und was ist jetzt?"
    "Wahre Liebe"
    "Hand hoch"

    now comes "Freundeskreis" one of the first successful hip hop bands in germany with awesome music!
    "Mit Dir"
    "Tabula Rasa Part II"
    "A-N-N-A"beautil song!
    "erste Liebe"

    next in line is "Joy Denalane" (soul) the wife of the frontsinger of "Freundeskreis" calles "Max herre"
    "Let Go" just awesome!
    "Sag´s Mir"
    "Geh Jetzt" i love it!
    "Höchste Zeit" (Live)

    we're not done yet here is "Gentleman" german who lived some time on jamaica and sings that accent (raggee)
    "Runaway" very cool song!
    "Isyanker" feat. Mustafa Sandal (turkish artist - turkish song I LOVE IT! - im half turkish you know) a must see!
    "Dem gone"
    "Different places" (his present hit)

    thisone is "SEEED" (rap)
    "Dickes B"
    "Ding" (english verion)
    "What You Deserve Is What You Get"

    "Fantastischen Vier" (fantastic four) the oldest and probably most popular hip hop band in germany:
    "Sie ist weg" onw of theri first hits and the most popular
    "Einfach sein" their present hit
    "Ernten Was Wir Säen" also pretty new
    "Die da" one of the first songs - very popular
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    "Fettes Brot" also one of the pioneers
    "Jein" -one of theri first and most succesful songs ever very good!
    "Nordisch by Nature" -tribute to north germany

    "Glashaus" very beautiful ballades!
    "Haltet die Welt an"
    "Lan in Sicht" - no video but very beautiful song!
    "In meinem Leben" really beautiful
    "Is' nur Kino" - awesome!
    "Ich bring Dich durch die Nacht"

    "Sabrina Setlur" (soul)
    "Mein Herz" - bautiful!
    "Du liebst mich nicht" - wrong video

    "Laith al deen" on of my favorite german artist (soul)
    "Noch lange nicht genug"
    "Bilder von dir" his most popular song
    "Ich will nur wissen" - wrong video - awesome song!
    "Kleine Helden" - wrong video - his best song

    "Jan Delay" very recognizable extraordinary voice but nice music
    "Für immer und Dich"
    "Türlich Türlich" his present hit

    Muhabbet turkish guy who mixes up Arabesk(oriental music) and RnB. he calles his musik "Arabesk" therefor.
    "Cüs Junge" feat. fler (german rapper)
    "Schau hin"
    "Bitte" - wrong video, beautiful ballad!
    "Alles tun" - one of his best songs(no video)
    "Dir egal"
    "Sie liegt in meinen armen"
    "Glück Für Dich" - his best song

    now some badass GANSTARAPPERS starting with "Bushido" to me best german ganstarapper
    "Sonnenbank Flavour"
    "Nemesis" feat. eko fresh
    "Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück"
    "Eure Kinder"

    "SIDO" "The man with the mask" really disturbed guy with mainly filthy songs but still good
    "Mein Block"
    "Arschfick Song" = the assfucksong really dirrrrrrrty lyrics believe me you wouldnt believe ^^
    "Ficken" =to fuck, really dirrrty too! (no video)
    "Schlechtes vorbild" his present hit
    "Ein Teil Von Mir" his slowest song a tribute to his son!

    Now some "HARDROCK METAL" propably the international most succesful and known german band: "Rammstein" they got amayzing live performances but they are a little brinsick i think ^^
    "Du hast"
    "Keine Lust" - awesome video, nice song
    "Mann gegen Mann" - as i said brainsick ^^

    enogh of the good music finally some really annoying bands/musicians i really hate!

    "Tokio Hotel" a teeny band of boys from 16-17 years now! that means their first songs were when they were about 14-15 the young german girls love them they are amazingly successful in germany and YES they are boys even the frontsinger - he is the twinbrother of the one with the dreadlocks actually - take attantion to it. this metrosexual trend really pisses me off. guys that paint their fingernails, put makeup on wear tonns of rings and chains and have not even 1 muscle on their body looking like some annorexia patient! androgynous pack!
    "Durch den Monsun" - their first song/hit
    "Ubers Ende der Welt"
    "Rette mich" - actually the song is not bad at all but i cant stand those monstrositys at all
    "Spring nicht" their present hit
    "Der letzte Tag"

    nextone is "Mia" really annoying hippie band makes terrible music kinda sounds like Björk - i hate Björk!
    "Hungriges Herz"
    "Tanz Der Molekule"

    if some other bands come to my mind i will update...
    until than have fun listening to that music. i hope someone will take the time and listen to it and tell me whichones you liked and whichones you didn't
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    I would mention the band Absurd, but forgot their all german nationalist satanists (but still damn good metal)

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    have you heard of Primal Fear? they are from Germany. power metal i think?
    tons of great metal like that coming from Germany that us Americans just love! stuff coming out of Norway as well, like Dream Evil, (a personal favorite of mine), Sinner, Shakra, i know there are others, just cant think right now. lol!

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    oh, by the way, i love "Du Hast", great song and groove!

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    Yeah Rammstein is one of my favorite metal bands. It's great because I cannot understand a word of German but love the song / band. Just goes to show you that music can create a great song without lyrics.
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    I hate rammstein, all their songs from every one of their albums sound like carbon copies of each other, first time I saw them was in 96 and they can put on a good live show, but monotonous albums

    how about Die Apokalyptischen Reiter :headbang:

    tons of great metal like that coming from Germany that us Americans just love! stuff coming out of Norway as well
    I've loved everything out of norway since I first heard Burzum, Poland has some awesome music as well, may I meantion Behemoth
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    come on guys be open to something else than metal. something new.
    listen to some of my posted songs and tell me how you liked them, was a hell of work to make this topic!

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    Glashaus = very talented singer.

    Still listening

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    come on guys be open to something else than metal. something new.
    I'm open to a lot of music other then metal. I still have my indie rock tendencies. but for Germany, if it's not folk or classical , it better be metal




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