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    Default When to progress to next lesson?

    I am doing Will Ripleys beginner series. In just 4 days I have made it to the AC/DC style power chord riff lesson.

    My question is when do I move to the next video? Should I keep doing the songs and videos until I get the whole song 100% perfect? I do the riffs perfectly and together perfectly but once I do it a few times I move on.

    Am I moving to fast?

    I will get jumbled up in the middle of the song because I will forget to repeat a certain riff but that's it and I jump back in when I can tell exactly where he is.

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    This is a great question and I hope others chime in.

    I started as a beginner with JamPlay and focused on getting everything right with the lessons. My focus, however, was more on the techniques and not necessarily the exact riffs the instructor was doing. This is because I was taking the lessons to learn how to play guitar, not to learn a particular riff.

    This worked out for me in the long run because I was able to learn a lot of stuff and learn it well. Over the years I have forgotten many of the riffs or licks I picked up in the lessons, and my goals on what I want to play and learn have changed. The techniques I've picked up have stayed with me because I apply them in the new things I do and the new lessons that I take. I also think I am a lot further along by not spending the time exactly learning a particular riff, especially if I might not use it later.

    I have completed a lot of lessons on JamPlay. There are some lessons that I found more important and suited to me than other ones. For those important to me I have gone back and done them again (some three times), focusing on things I may have missed and perfecting the things I want to perfect. While one can argue it takes more time to do a lesson more than once, I found that I have been exposed to many different teaching styles and music techniques, and I have a better idea of the things that appeal to me and what I want to focus on.

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    That is a good question, and an important one. For learning anything. Learning comes in phases. For example, you could say first you learn it, then you remember it. That is, you can do it today but will you be able to do it tomorrow? You may have to repeat several times but each time is easier. When you can do it, move on, but come back again.

    Another way to break it down is learning first, then perfecting it. Perfection comes with time, not all at once.

    The other thing to consider is the fun level. Do not kill the fun by being too hard on yourself. But do not rush through either. You have to find your own balance.




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