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    Default Hi from the Constitution State, USA!

    Hello! I am a oldie/newbie player.

    When I was a teen I played, never got lessons or training and, while I was in a few bands, I didn't really learn formally, though my high school music teacher adored me. Sure, I learned some, but I'm 61 and haven't played very much since a kid.

    I've owned some good guitars, but over the years I walked away from music for a few reasons, one of which was that much that I had as a kid got stolen, stuff I got with my own money and was very valuable. And my own parents stole from me on top of it.

    After being bitter for too long and only playing on and off through various careers, I suddenly realized that I have a gift in as much as I have a passion for playing and creating, not just my other works of science, technology, and cuisine (and sales). I've lived a very interesting life but I'm getting old and changing priorities, and playing for myself and others is my desire now.

    I really want to focus on genuine learning and building skill outside of any box.

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    Welcome back to the world of music!

    What music goals will you be setting for this year?




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