So I finally got some down time, and now I can focus on the guitar. For years I have not really improved. I've been watching videos, jumped back and forth between this lesson and that and never really stuck with fundamentals or had an actual plan with my exercise. Not only have I not practiced daily, but when I picked up the the guitar I have been playing whatever I already know rather then doing the hard work and put in the effort to better myself. Thanks to my new adhd meds that finally are working and allowing me to stay focused for longer periods now is the time to change bad practice habits and to work out a practice routine.

This time, I will practice certain things until mastery, and stick to that. Daily. 30 minutes practice session in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Each day for 3 months. And three times a day during weekends. I will practice only the exercises chosen. Repeat. Repeat and Repeat. Until it becomes second nature.

And I will practice them with drum loops, backing track and or metronome. My goal for this thread is to collect well known exercises that have worked well for others. But I will need to compile it all into an analogue printed paper work book. That way I don't fall into youtube hell and end up watching whatever videos that look more exciting then the practice session I am doing. I will only use the paper work book for each practice session, along with drum loops, backing tracks and metronome. No other distractions. (ADHD related)

My overall goals for the 3 month #musical boot camp:

  • CAGED or fretboard memorization all notes top to bottom to finally have full fret board freedom
  • Remember all chords in all places for fluently using arpeggios, play chords without crashing with rest of the band without needing to think too much
  • More coherent rhythm playing in time all the time even when I spice up the rhythm part or add little riffs or fills it will need to be fluent and in time
  • Break free from relying only on pentatonic for solos, sprinkle in arpeggios, chords and single notes so that I can move and play solo everywhere on the neck at will without loosing time and tempo.

So the next goal for this thread is to collect enough exercises that meets my goals to fill a 30 minutes exercise session. That way I can repeat it over and over and over until my hyper active brain finally remember everything and it all sinks into muscle memory.

What was the exercise that help you break out from the bad habits? Do you know a great exercise in jamplay library that helped you? Or what exercise did you teach your students, or what exercises did your teacher have you do? A link will help. That way I can write it down so they all makes up my analogue practice work book.