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    Default Wondering when the last time Jam Plays Website or App was updated

    I dont want to come off complainy. Just curious. It seems a little un- intuitive and clunky with navigation.

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    The website is under constant development, but most of that is behind the scenes stuff. It sounds more like you're talking about the basic layout and functionality. We have to balance updates also with not overwhelming users with changes all the time. I like the super-market analogy. Nobody likes it when they're grocery shopping, head to aisle 7 only to find that the tomato sauce that once was there, is now somewhere else.

    We are however in the process of updating both the website itself as well as the app. I can't give time-tables on those, but there is on-going work.

    What is helpful is to hear what exactly your experience is with the site being clunky or not-intuitive and how you would make changes. We'll always receive complaints no matter how things are setup, but typically if you can provide some constructive criticism on what you find is wrong along with suggestions for a fix, those complaints become more actionable.
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