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    Cool Aussie in Singapore signed up and keen to get started (...again!)

    Hi all,

    I started to teach myself back at uni in early 90s. I have played on and off ever since in fits and starts and managed to fail to become more than a rusty beginner at worst and roughly promising intermediate at best.

    My latest efforts have focused on fingerstyle and getting to grips with strumming and proper rhythm, whcih I always ignored before because of learning lead lines by rote.

    I am starting to know the fretboard by memory properly and been studying theory quite deeply.

    I am currently trying to invest some real time and discipline in going back to basics and get some structure into my practice at last.

    I look forward to the engagement with others on the forum and getting the benefit of the JamPlay curriculum, resources and tools to accelerate my latest commitment!

    I have dabbled with Ableton Live and currently have a US Strat which I can play with a Vox VT30 or Yamaha THR10 (my newest acquisition which I LOVE!). I also have a Martin D1 and Kramer Semi Accoustic back home in Australia, that will join me in Singapore early in the new year along with my family.

    Cheers all and looking forward to getting involved as much as I can.

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    Welcome aboard. You have a nice collection there.




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