I tried something I have never been able to do before. I am pretty happy with the results. I absolutely love the song Still Got the Blues, and it got stuck in my head. I have never been able to play the beginning lead to that. It occurred to me that with all the improvisational training I have gotten the last couple of months (pentatonic perfection, expressive lead playing, the first two weeks of Jamtracks more fun less theory) I should be able to improvise something that sounds appropriate (at least to me), so I gave it a try. Had I gotten my bends to the right notes I think this would have worked just find. After that I imagined Gary singing and tried to play along with the melody playing in my head. I didn't know what key this backing track I found was in. I did Dave Walliman's thing of picking out a note to see of it fits. Most of the time this worked in the A minor pentatonic scale. But not always. After testing notes I videoed my first try at actually playing the song.