Hi there,
I have some suggestions to improve the bass part of the site. I've been a member (under different accounts) of jamplay since 2009, so I've seen it grow into this huge community and abundance of lessons.

Anyway, so to get into it - I was thinking that since the songwriting lessons actually don't apply specifically to guitar for the most part, there is no reason they couldn't be available to the bass players, especially since the "songwriting" tab is shown as being available in the bass section, even though there are zero lessons there.

This is an inconsequential observation, but I also think there isn't really a reason to have "electric guitar" part of the songwriting section vs "acoustic guitar", since again, it's songwriting, and it all applies the same way, regardless of whether it is electric/acoustic. Some beginner might think that they shouldn't open Lauren Passarelli's songwriting lesson set, for example, because they play acoustic and her lessons set says "electric guitar".
Again, just a small observation, but some members might get confused by things like that.

So TL;DR, it would be great if the songwriting courses could be non-specific, unless specified in the material itself (e.g. writing guitar riffs for a song). It would also instantly increase the amount of material available to bass members, which is a bit lacking in comparison to the guitar part (which is fair, since the guitar section has been around for ages .

Thanks for listening to my ramblin'