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    Default Godin Session or Progression Plus. Thoughts?

    Hi all! Looking for some thoughts and suggestions... not sure if anyone's played these or not.

    I'm looking for a backup electric, so I have a spare in case I need to share my godin LGX-SA or bring it in for repairs. I'm debating between the Godin Session
    or the Godin Progression Plus

    Both look great. I play in a church band, so need to essentially be able to play as many styles as possible from one guitar, as I can with my LGX-SA. I like the two single coils and humbucker in the Session, with the push pull tone knob which basically gives me three single coils. But at the same time, I like the three single coils in the Progression Plus, plus the HD revoicer which virtually swaps out the passive pickups for active ones. Thus, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Both guitars look great, and both within my price range as I'm trying to spend around or under $1000. Any thoughts or feedback welcome! Godin are definitely one of the most underrated guitar companies, imo. Great quality for the money... though customer service may leave a little to be desired. I also thank them for introducing me to jamplay via the coupon tucked inside my LGX-SA's case when it first arrived in the mail!

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    I haven't ever owned a Godin but played a couple of them. They seemed like really good guitars. Just looking over it I like the Progression Plus a bit better. The JB JR in the bridge of that one is a really nice pickup and humbucker as well although it fits a single coil slot. The HD revoicer sounds kind of interesting.
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    I'm leaning towards the progression plus as well, just interested to hear some other thoughts. I've never heard the JB or know anything about it. Played guitar for 15 years but have probably only seriously started looking into specifics about electric for about a year and a half, having played mostly acoustic. I wish the session plus was still being made... that had the best of both worlds.

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    Any other thoughts or opinions?

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    No other thoughts? Amazing how many people haven't played these... even the guys at Long Mcquade here in Canada. They're ordering in a progression for the store, so hopefully I'll be able to A-B the two side by side to decide which one I want. the guy helping me said he'd only played the session because it was in the store and didn't have too much experience with godins. Most people I've talked to seem to be more familiar the the Seagull and S and P acoustic lines rather than the electrics from Godin themselves.

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    I just bought a Progression Plus its a great guitar.Thats not a single coil in the bridge its a Seymour Duncan Humbucker that looks like a single coil.It has the same features a the Session with the HDR as well.You wont be disappointed with either one.




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