Seriously playing music for people, either Semi-Pro or Pro level, as I've experienced last week is just to for the faint of heart. Last week my group has a show at one of the better venues around and show I've worked for months to secure. This venue runs weekly but draws bands from around the nation that come to play it. It can be pretty tough to get into. It's a outside venue and this day there is a threat of heavy rain. The rain doesn't materialize but the threat of it reduces the average crowd size. Then the group before us decides to use like 4 computers lights etc... the works on stage. It takes them forever to get the stage cleared were we can load in and it's getting late on a weeknight. The small crowd we had dwindles even more seeing a good time to exit. So the next morning I'm pretty annoyed and frustrated the show I worked so hard to secure just didn't turn out very well. Well the following day (Friday) we are getting ready to rehearse for a small private show on Saturday afternoon. We get a message from a DJ I meet a couple of weeks ago, he is going to give us a spin on his station Friday night review section that night. The interesting fact is he runs a hip-hop station and we are straight up rock group. So we keep his broadcast on while we continue to review some songs. He lives up to his word and plays us. We are awaiting the worst as we figured his audience isn't going to be much into what we do. However; they loved the song. The DJ review was positive and his guest for the afternoon liked the song and totally got the message of the song. I was elated. As musician one of the best compliments is when someone understood it, they get it.

In 2 days I got from totally bumped out from something I planned for months and worked out poorly to something that came up on whim that worked out masterfully. I'm glad for another week, hopefully and calmer one. Back to practicing.