I was watching one of Chris Liepe's videos and he asked who our influences are. Who we liked to listen to and why. I have been thinking about that because there are a number of guitarists I like to listen to. Clapton, Santana, BB, Cray, Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Setzer etc.

I was looking through those and noticed one commonality between them is they all play a clean sounding guitar. Except SRV, he does use some distortion, but his music really makes me feel like moving to the beat.

As far as influences I am mostly motivated to try to learn by BB and Santana. Here is why... I have never seen either of these artists "shred" a guitar. Yet they are/were both world class highly influential players. I am not saying they never have or that they can't/couldn't. I am saying I have never seen it. And it isn't that I dislike shredding, if I did I would not like Bonamassa.

I am 61 years old and osteoarthritis is beginning in my hands. My fingers are slightly bent. They never will be very nimble. So watching artists like Santana or King make beautiful music without all the quick fancy lightening fast finger work is a huge inspiration to me. Thanks to them I believe if I have something in my heart I want to express through music I can do it without being highly technical and quick.

To me, that motivation from these two artists, is a huge influence.