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    Default Software Accessories: Metronomes

    I thought over the next couple of weeks I would start a few threads where members could share their experiences, tips, favorite or unique features with a music software tools. I am always looking to learn new features and functionality in the tools I am using or possibly better alternatives.

    Let’s start off with software for metronomes.


    Metronomics (MacOS):
    - Generate patterns using random or sequenced variations of different subdivisions
    - Include preset patterns such as claves (including odd-meter claves)
    - Choose any number of beats per measure for your time signature, including mixed meters such as (4 + 3 + 5), where the segments of the bar get accented automatically
    - Choose from 40 different included samples, or import your own WAV files
    - Use any type of subdivision, including custom numbers (5/7, 13/4, etc)
    - Move rhythms to unusual parts of the measure with the "offset feature" -- think quarter note triplets, starting on an offbeat
    - Sync your saved metronomes and presets between the iOS and OSX versions of Metronomics HD using iCloud
    - Email saved metronomes back and forth with other Metronomics users
    - "Inspector" feature graphs your playing alongside the Metronome, using microphone or MIDI input
    - Play back or export your playing with the metronome
    - Swing feel, with customizable swing amounts

    I really enjoy the following:
    * Being able to configure different instrument samples for the click and on different beats for the click.
    * I like being able to configure the metronome to increase x amount of beats after a specified number of measures.
    * I like being able to save/export my metronome configurations and reload them.

    I was disappointed with the following:
    * The iPhone version was not able to import saved/exported metronome configurations only the iPad version.

    Hand Held Devices:
    I think it’s insult to call them some type of a phone, being a cell phone is just one of minor things a hand held device can perform.

    I usually just use a steady metronome click.
    So I use drumbeats+:

    Bias Warning: Currently the software I use runs on the following platforms:
    Apple’s MacOS and iOS

    The software I mention may or may not run on other platforms if it does I will try to mention which platforms.
    If it doesn’t run on your platform let us know what you are using.

    NO Endorsements Intended
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