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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris.Liepe View Post
    Here's an article I wrote a few years back about exactly what you're going through with your practice aspirations:

    Give it a read and I look forward to hearing your thoughts

    There are some really good ideas and sound advice in that article. I like the idea of having that time slot, sort of like I do for my project song, and I find 30 minutes is about right for something that takes a lot of focus. For me I start burning out on my concentration shortly before the 30 minutes is up. If I try to work beyond that I start getting frustrated and I think that causes me to lose ground. I also find it helps to put my guitar down and do something else at the end of that 30 minutes, because if I don't I find myself wandering back into the project I need the rest from.

    I also like how you handle the "mastering" thing. In my mind that would involve months on that concept. And I do find that when I take a break from something I have been working at, I seem to actually be a little better at it when I come back to it. That makes your 5 days a week thing look really more effective. Right now I feel that pretty much everything I do needs a lot of improvement. Which makes it difficult to figure out where to start. But I think the most immediate thing I need to learn how to do is mute the strings I am not using. Just doing that will make the stuff I already know how to do sound a lot better. I think I will come up with a slogan for that. I am guessing for something that basic a week or two to develop a new habit of holding my picking hand should be good. It will make a short attainable goal for me. I find that reaching an easy goal encourages me to take on more difficult ones.

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    Awesome, ya that's a great focus! You're on the right track for sure! In my live "Pentatonic Precision" course, we deal with string muting on and off quite a bit. As well as in my Blues Roots To Rock course. Let me know if I can be of any more help!
    -Chris Liepe

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    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you - taught myself how to play back in HS and only took a couple of formal courses over the years. Played for about 35 years but really never got much better. Put the guitar away about 8-9 years ago and just picked it up again after finding Jamplay. Now I'm trying to get myself back in shape - at least to the point where I was 10 years ago.

    What I've discovered is a world of information that was not available to me years ago that had shown me big holes in my previous learnings. I thought I would jump into a Phase 2 course right away but discovered too many holes in my knowledge so I started watching a Phase electric course and even though alot of the basic material is old hat for me there are lots of valuable nuggets of missing (for me) info that has proven invaluable to me.

    Since the site makes it easy to set up lists of courses you want to investigate I would suggest doing just that and then take them on one at a time - work through each one thoroughly and get the material down well before moving on to the next. This way you stay focused. If you try to tackle multiple ares at the same time you are likely to never master any of them completely.




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