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    Default Practicestrategy - help


    So, I just got myself a new electric guitar. Happy and superpumped of course! What else can one be

    Only one problem. Had an acoustic for about half a year, and I am the kind of man that really needs some structure and goals to keep me focused and motivated. And when it came to the acoustic I kind of lost focus, had no real structure and basically was trying to many things, to many excercises, ways etc. Just lost my focus and joy in practice and playing. Dont want that to happen again so this time I am trying jamplay and also trying to ask for some more direct help from you more experienced people here at jamplay

    I really would love some advise on what teacher to go with here on jamplay and almost as much on how to practice, like excercises. structuring and a good schedule to go with along with following the course here.

    Usually when I am motivated I would say I can easily make time to play and practice 1-2 hours a day at least 5-6 days a week, sometimes more. (like 20-60 min 2-3 times a day, depending on what I do)
    Would be a waste to not make the most out of all those hours practice time, and maybe even more hours if I get going and find the joy of practicing and playing again. Right now motivation aint the problem, it is structure and knowing what and how to practice!
    So what I really would appreciate and love getting some help with is mainly two things:

    1) I have a few friends playing lots of 70s-80s rock, some Thin lizzy and some blues. Myself I like the blues and some picking parts but also the classic rock, so I would like some help with direction as to the beginner courses for electric guitar, and what teacher you would recommend?

    Right now I can do use of maybe 5-7 basic chords and strum along a bit on acoustic, havent done much of picking with a pick. So I am a beginner I would say and as new to electric guitar I am very humble. I have tried the first 2-3 steps with Lisa Purcell. Nice, but cant really say much about it so far. Also read a little about Chris Liepe and Will Ripley. So with this info, would any of you more experienced players have any advise on a teacher to follow, booth looking at where I am "now", but that I also will enjoy like say 6-12 months ahead when I (hopefully) have taken a few steps forward?

    2) I would love some help with a few excercises that I can do on a daily, or maybe few times a week, basis to get some structure in my practicing and to KNOW that these should make me progress or develop some skills, strenghth or fingerindependence i.ex.
    So, If possible I would really appreciate it and be supergrateful if any of you kind people could help me out with a few excercises that could be effective to help me develop i.ex:

    A) Fingerstrength and flexibily - My pinky in example is really weak, like taking a G-chord using the pinky aint really an easy thing atm. Right now a sad example of a guitarpinky really

    B) Fingerindependence and some speed - Im also a bit shaky on my hands, something that actually stopped me from trying guitar in earlier years. But it is a dream, so one has got to try, right? Anyhow, realised strenght, speed and most of all controlexcercises I think seems to help me a lot also to control my "shaking". I know I developed a lot on that part and would like to keep it going. Gives me confidence

    C) My picking, and my right hand control/movement/picking - Like pickcontrol, to be able to know the positions of the strings, move more freely, devleop musclememory etc...Yes, u know the basic stuff I need to play more freely and gain some decent skill and control. Right now I can move the pick, in a bit slower tempo, up and down the strings with some decent control, but moving down/up a few strings...well, then Im soon into trouble

    Maybe you have other suggestions...shoot! Im just grateful for any help with structure and direction!

    So basically, what I really would appreciate is if someone could or point me to or, even better, help me with a schedule. A structure of excersises that I can work with (besides the course here) and develop some important and usefull skills over a period of time. Like 1-3 month, or even longer, so I could have a schedule/strategy that I believe in and trust. Then I would be supergrateful!!

    Still, Im of course happy for excercises as well, but to be honest I actually have a ton of them from youtube in my favourites folder. (Did I say I have a problem staying focused on just a few things? ) But besides that it is of course always helpful to know that it is excercises recommended by good, experienced players like her on jamplay. Makes it easier to make my choices

    Sorry for a long post friends, but I thought its better to try to explain things decently well from the start to give anyone a chance to answer the things you really would love to get some help with.
    Hopefully there are some of you Jamplayers who can help me out, point me in the right directions and help me get a little further down the road.

    Looking forward to many fun and rewarding hours with my new electric

    Thanx in advance Johan
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    Hi Johan. I am with you, practice with structure, focus and goal can be a tall order. I find myself falling into noodling way to often. And the thing is, I can keep noodling for hours on end because I get caught up on that, but noodling is not practice. It is just noodling.

    I recently started to view a live guitar course by Chris Liepe. It is called "Rutbusting Practice Tips". Take you time viewing that course, set yourself short terms goals, long term goals and one overall goal. Follow his idea on how to make the most of the practice time. To stay focused, to work on what needs work, to avoid falling into noodling.

    This course it not yet completed, so you can binge watch it. But you can see those episodes that have been online. Make sure you take your sweet time with the very basic of what he is saying in each episodes. And put things in writing. Then commit to it. Set a deadlines if possible. And hold you to the scheduled practice time, cover what you planned on each practice session. Then don't forget to play and enjoy your guitar. But when you practice, you stay focused, sharp and committed.

    Enjoy this guitar live course, Rutbusting Practice Tips;




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