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    Post questions about Pentatonic Precision below.
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    As usual another course from Mr. Leipe that I am really enjoying.

    In this week's session "The Mean Major Sound", it was a great lesson. But, it hampered me that someone had to ask the question "What mode is this?". Just because some students have a high anxiety when comes to music theory, which is somewhat understandable, doesn't me it should be shunned. I am sure there is a diverse range of students watching the session. Stating an educational fact and giving a little bit of info shouldn't scare people off. I am not indicating you have to give a dissertation on the mode, just state what it is maybe a bit of basic info and point to some of the excellent mode lessons on JamPlay and move on, which was actually done after the question was asked.

    During the lesson, I kept asking myself, what mode is this? I know "Sweet Home Alabama" is mixolydian and that's a major mode? But I am using the Am pentatonic shape? There's no flat 3, how can this be a minor? Shoot, I dig through some papers and pull out my mode cheat sheet I printed out from Jamplay, Yes! There it is just a 7b all the rest are natural, I am not losing my mind, maybe. Mean while Chris is giving the lesson and I am not listening. Thanks, goodness it's taped. Finally someone asks the question and then I have the Homer Simpson moment, Doh! It's an Am pentatonic shape, but it's not Am, of course! Read the notes not the shape Homer!

    So, a short mention and explanation sooner would have helped me, though I might be in the minority.

    Any who, hopefully that was some humorous live session feedback.

    Thanks for the live sessions I really enjoy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robdbirch View Post
    In this week's session "The Mean Major Sound", it was a great lesson.
    I agree that was a fantastic lesson. It's nice when something is made simpler -- and useful too.

    Of course, there is always something more that could be said -- in a later lesson. There is a sweet spot. Stop here and it's clear and easy. Say too much and it just gets muddy and complex again. If you want to kill some time, Google modes and watch the experts argue.

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    This series has been amazing, THANK YOU CHRIS!

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    In lesson 2. 2 strings at a time. For the badge are we supposed to do the exercise as tabbed? Or are we supposed to improvise with 2 strings, then the next 2 strings, etc?




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