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    Default Ernie Ball VP Jr Isuues

    Hey guys,

    Ive recently started to have issues with my sound through my chain. Ive done some playing around with cables and I think I have diagnosed the constant fuzz sound as coming from my VP Jr. I know there can be a lot of issues with the pedal, but I haven't found any solutions to fix the issue. I went straight into my VP and out to my amp, and the fuzz gets louder as I turn up my VP, so that is why I'm thinking it must be the VP. I had some issues recently of it popping when I swell it in, so I bought DeOxit and sprayed the pot and it hasn't popped since. But the fuzz ont go away. Any suggestions?

    Should I spray the pot again with DeOxit? Or is there something else I need to do?

    Thanks guys!


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    First verify it's the pedal. Any thing when going straight from Gutiar to Amp? Just make sure it's not the Amp or in the guitar volume or connectors. What about a different guitar?

    If it is for sure the pedal I would guess one of the Input/output connector has gone bad or loose. The fact you hear it more when you turn it up, that's not surprising since the VP Jr is a volume pedal. It could still be problem with the Pot or really any component on the pedal. I don't know your financial situation but if I was absolutely sure (check pedal with different amp, check direct to amp, different guitar, etc...) then I would just get a new one. Volume pedals are pretty cheap and likely cheaper to replace than fix.



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