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    Default Best versatile amp?

    What is the best guitar amp in terms of being the most versatile? What I mean by versatile is something that sounds good with acoustic guitar-finger picking to jazz to rock to metal?

    No real budget here in as much as I'm not looking for the cheapest thing out there. What is the best regardless of price?

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    Really, for the range of use you are wanting to get out of one amp, you're going to probably be happiest with a modeling amp. I'd check the Roland Cube series... Marcelo who teaches on Jamplay has one, and he gets great sounds out of it.

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    I've never heard an acoustic guitar sound right when plugged into an amp designed for an electric guitar. Two different animals. That being said, the Blackstar ID:CORE BEAM is a modeling amp designed for use by electric, acoustic, and bass guitarists. They have separate inputs for each, which is why you can mix the different types of guitars. I have not heard the BEAM amp personally, but I do have a Blackstar ID:60 and it is an incredible amp. Absolutely the best amp I have ever owned. I can dial in a good tone for ANY genre of music.




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