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    Default Minor pentatonic positions

    I noticed that the fifth position of the minor pentatonic scale is identical to the first position of the Dorian scale is this accurate?

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    I don't think I'm following what you noticing. The penatonic is 5 note scale where the Dorian mode is a mode of the major scale which is 7 notes. So the simple fact the number of notes in the penatonic is 5 notes and the Dorian mode is 7 means they are different. However; one thing of note is the Dorian is mode of the major scale. The minor scale is also the Ionian mode of the major scale and in fact they are one int the same scale. I think what you have liked notice is modes are really nothing more than the major scale starting and ending on different notes.

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    As long as you left out the 2nd & the 6th notes from the Dorian.




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