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    Default Chatroom and Live Session Rules of Conduct 08/30/2016 and On

    Hello to all my JamPlay friends out there.

    Recently we have noticed an uptick in complaint about behavior in the chatroom and during live events. I just wanted to take a few moments to address some of these concerns, as well as lay out some new policies we have in place to make sure our community remains inclusive, fun and suitable for anyone who has an interest in being part of the community. We are all in this together, and I know overall this is an awesome bunch of people and my main goal in posting this is just to make sure that everyone gets to participate in the community.

    First, I wanted to say, there is no room whatsoever for the following in our chatroom. Please note, I haven't really seen most of these happening, but I want to be clear about what the rules of the road are to eliminate confusion:

    - Content of a sexual nature. This is a site for all ages, and nobody has any interest in hearing general lude comments, or having such comments be directed at them.
    - Comments of a racist nature or that could be interpreted as hate speech.
    - Abusive comments made toward another member. Disagreements are of course allowed as that is part of discussion, but at the point it goes from discussion to personal attack, the line needs to be drawn.
    - Excessive talking about drugs or alcohol. Think about the difference between a discussion on why marijuana should be legal, vs talking about how drunk you are everyday. One has a point in a discussion, the other does not. There are many kids here, recovering alcoholics and addicts, etc and this can create a pretty uncomfortable environment for those folks when it is day in and day out.

    The following are not major offensives, but over time repeated issues may result in a mute.
    - Consistent derailing of live lessons and chats. If you don't want to talk music during a chat, feel free to take it the the "Open Chat."
    - Excessive bickering, arguing or generally causing a scene with any instructor or another member. Nobody wants to see and read this. If you are having a disagreement, please keep it to private message or put that party on ignore.

    The following is not allowed on webcam by instructors or members:

    - Nudity. Duh!
    - Consumption of any illicit substances, legal or not. It's not part of the learning environment we want to cultivate here. If you couldn't or wouldn't do it in a classroom, it's not OK on video on this website.
    - Comments of a racist nature or that could be interpreted as hate speech.
    - Comments of sexual nature.
    - Gratuitous swearing. Saying "Damn, what a good song" and dropping he f-bomb every other word are very different things.

    So suffice it to say, all of this is really common sense stuff that 99% of people in the community already are aware of. But I just wanted to make the policy clear for all and to let you know we are actively going to start enforcing these rules.

    Violation of the rules will invoke a 7 day mute the first 3 times. Any after that will result in a 30 day mute. You will be able to attend live sessions and take the lessons, but your speaking privileges will be revoked. If you think you've been muted unfairly please message me and we can discuss it and come to a resolution.
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