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    Default Melodic Magic Thread : Live Session 3 "Pentatonic Extensions"

    I started this thread to discuss "Melodic Magic" Live Sessions and Videos.

    Thought students might like to share their practice experiences and the weekly topic.

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    I've been enjoying the series and the material is making sense to me. I've been trying to build solos with small musical ideas that connect. They do seem more melodic.

    I'm able to use the idea of the solo notes matching the chord construction and using the targeted scales and arpeggios as part of the exercise. The solos feel more connected to the structure of the song.

    I've also been slowing down and am less rushed in soloing. Letting the notes ring and giving the musical ideas breathing space seems to make all my stuff better. Slower gives me more time for cleaner articulation's like slides and bends. Originally I was trying to go faster, but faster wasn't really better for my playing ability.

    Just some observations. Wondering if others have similar discoveries or is it just me.




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