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    Well it Well it’s finally done, after more than 2 years of very hard work, pleasure, frustrations, excitements, questioning, lots of books reading, watching tutorials, searching u-tube for knowledge, learning soft wares and many, many, many hours of listening, turning knobs here and there.

    I want to thank;
    Danny ‘’Pogwalker’’ Marchand for his superb vocal performances (lead & back) on 2 songs.

    Francois Sylvain for his majestic solos. We are quite different players and that’s exactly what I wanted you to bring to the project.

    My 2 sons Alx and Phil who ‘’endured’’ the listening of my songs all along their creation during those 2 years but all along their life as well because they had to undergo the early stages of this project while listening to the old demos that were the foundation all along this adventure. And for their backing vocals on some songs.

    Francois Helie for his advices on the mastering process. His help was greatly appreciated.
    All the musicians I played with and gave life to those songs and specially Serge Ricard who with me was a founder of CREEPIN MOB.

    And finally, me for persevering.

    Surely imperfect, it is still nothing less than my first ‘’official’’ production from beginning (recording, performance, mixing & mastering) to end and I’m truly satisfied.

    For those who wish to only listen;

    For $$$$upport;

    During the following weeks i'll be posting all 8 songs from my album

    So this is the first song of side A; ALL THE BLACKNESS. Enjoy!
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    THANKS I've worked REALLY hard on that thing....more songs to come....




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