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    Default Why the electric guitar?

    Hey there,

    What are your reasons to play on an electric guitar? I've got a spanish guitar and a steelstring and I love playing them. But I would like to play jazz and blues on an electric guitar because of the mellow sound.

    What styles are very common on an electric?

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    The thing about electric and acoustic is that, even though they're both guitars, they sound really different and they play really differently, especially if you have a Spanish guitar. I personally prefer electric more, but I love playing acoustic too. Are you asking what styles are similar for electric and acoustic? I would say that there aren't really any, even finger style acoustic and finger style electric are very different. But you can always learn both! I used to think that a person could only learn one style, but after subscribing to jamplay I've seen so many teachers that are experts in so many different styles, like Dennis hodges and Marcelo. So learn both! I love the sound of a strat on clean, but I also love the warmth and deep sound of strumming an acoustic.

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    I don't view the electric and the acoustic as that different. They are both guitars, they are both layed out exactly the same way, exactly the same tuning and exactly the same notes. They are both a guitar. They do play and sound very different. So I use what sound I want based on the material. Yes and acoustic is hard to press down but the same country blues, that works on acoustic works on electric. It does sound different but it's the same thing. There are also plent of example of acoustics and eletric being used in the same song. So I say you play guitar, not acoustic or electric but just gutiar. As pointed out there are things that work better on one versus the other. So use what best fits your needs.




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