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    I love music that has alot of emotion where the lyrics stand out. I would say my favorite production style is simple like The Early November. As a singersongwriter its nice when a producer keeps the integrity of what i am feeling. I Like where the instrumental at the end show cases his feelings. I Like also for there to be a build up of music where needed to complete the Artistic picture that a person is trying to compose.For now i keep it simple or pay to have someone else produce the songs i am creating i collaborate with people from all over the world on
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    We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to the music we listen to and the music we create. With that being said, what you do prefer? Do you like simplistic arrangements and production techniques, or perhaps you do you like over the top productions? Maybe you land somewhere in the middle?

    Since I started producing around 2000, I have always been fixated on the process and the level of creativity that you can achieve when you combine cutting edge post-production technology with layered and complex arrangements.

    At the same time sometimes it's really nice to listen to something with just a properly mic'd acoustic and let the instrument do all the talking. In that respect I'd have to say my preference really depends on my mood.

    Here's a couple examples of a few tunes that fit both extremes well.

    BT - Vervoeren

    The Early November - 1000 Times a Day

    What's your favorite production style?

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    My taste varies. Depends on what mood I'm in. Today I feel like listening to James Taylor, but tomorrow I might want to listen to ELO. The one thing that drives me crazy though is an artist that relies heavily on auto-tune for a song. I won't list names, in case I offend someone here who likes a certain artist who uses it, but to me it's like nails on a chalkboard. Sorry for the short rant, but getting back to the topic, simple arrangements are great, but every once in a while it's nice to listen to "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes and the Phil Spector Wall of Sound!




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