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    Default 4 String or 5 String Bass (or more strings) What's Your Preference?

    Hey Bass Players, thought I would throw this out there. Are you strictly a 4 string player? 5 or more strings? What is your preference and why? I know for me, I learned on a 4 string back in the day, but bought a Schecter Elite 5 a few years back. I guess more than the super low notes (although having a low D is very nice), I like the gained accessibility. Having said that, truth be told I'm probably more comfortable on a 4 string.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    - Chris Content Producer

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    I started to play around with bass a while back, then a tire blew out on our van and I had to send it back. At least I bought it through Amazon (best return policy of any online dealer - miles better than MF). Every bass player for the bands I listen to play four strings. I figure if that's enough strings for them, it would be plenty for me.

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    Started on a very cheap $200 Ibanez 4 string bass, and I still love it, it has an amazing neck, but I recently found a beautiful 5 string German Warwick Double Buck in a nearby pawn shop which I bought for near half price of the retail price here which was a bargain. It's a very nice bass but I find the added thickness of the neck makes it a little more uncomfortable for me vs. the thin, quick Ibanez neck. However it has LOADS of tonal options, and sounds like a beast. That B string is awesome.

    So really, I find the 4 string more comfortable to play, string spacing makes slapping easier, but the 5 string has better sound and more options for songs to play (I love Karnivool, and Jon actually uses a 6 string Wariwck, but the B string lets me play most of their stuff). Depends what I feel like playing.




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