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    Default Fender Blues jr. Amp Mods - Legit or Scams?

    I got a original USA made Fender Blues jr (with the green circuit board) from the late 90's. Lovingly cared for by a band that used it in their practice room.

    No mods except for replacing the speaker with a Eminence Patriot Red, White, & Blue 12 inch speaker.

    I'd heard about Bill M mods. You'll see these Blues jr. amps on Ebay proclaiming they've got the Bill M mods. I was curious and emailed him asking a few technical questions. What gear does he use to test the amps performance? Does he have a signal generator, oscilloscope, and multimeter? Output wattage and Signal to noise ratio can be measured too. I have a 2 year degree in applied electronics and serviced tv's and stereos between 77-88. Switched focus to computers. I could easily apply the Bill M mods.

    The dude never replied back? It's been a month. Maybe he's a bit dodgy? Maybe my technical questions upset him. Changes in any amplifier's performance can be measured. Saying it "sounds better" doesn't convince me.

    How many of these Amp mod companies are scams? Makes me sick to think somebody would ruin an amp with mods that aren't legit.

    I'd love getting mods if they are legit. I'd want to see amp test specs before the mods and afterward measuring the changes in how it performed. A guitar amp can have the same tests run that any decent stereo shop will do on customers integrated stereo amps.
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    Bill M is not always good at keeping in touch. He is busy and has a waiting list for mod work. I think his stuff is legit. My Blues Jr has most of the Bill M mods, but I have no stock Blues Jr for A/B comparisons. It sounds pretty sweet, but the biggest change comes with a different speaker. I put the Cannabis Rex in mine - so nice.
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    I'm no electronics wiz by any stretch, & don't have the Blues jr. either. But when I was looking for a tube amp, the BJR was on my list. One of the reasons I didn't get it was that it didn't have bias pot for the power tubes. One of things Bill M does is add a pot to adjust the proper current that goes through the power tubes. Also, I don't think I've heard any bad reviews about Bill M. just my $.02




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