I live within the beltway of Washington, DC. DC is shaped like a diamond and my home is just above the northern most tip. The area is called Silver Spring in Maryland. Takoma Park is a town right next to Silver Spring. We have a very active folk music community. I've always admired the talent in our area. The area’s claim-to-fame rests on John Fahey who grew up in Takoma Park. Visit http://www.johnfahey.com/ to find out more about the man.

Why did I pick up the guitar? DC is a high stress area. The roads alone has the third worst traffic in the nation. Picking up the guitar was a survival tactic to reduce my stress levels. My current goal is to learn how to play one of Fahey’s tunes, “In Christ there is no East or West” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ_ay0p2_vo. Leo Kottke does a wonderful cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=45Uv4TS3GE4. This song/hymn inspires me!

Alas, I’ve got to learn to crawl before I can walk. I’ve only been playing the guitar since August, 2011 and just learning my chords and how to strum. I’ve met a number of wonderful folks in JamPlay.com. With all the energy and encouragement I’ve received from the members and instructors, I’m sure I’ll reach my goal in no time! Thank you for reading this far. Feel free to visit my profile (http://www.jamplay.com/customers/profiles/radiodome), befriend me, or write a comment.

Domi (a.k.a. Radiodome)