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    Woooo....this one is tough but I like the sound of it. I can play through the "A" part by memory and now working on learning the "B" part. I'm trying to at least master one section before moving on so that I can combine them. Hopefully I can get to the "C" part, maybe by the end of the weekend. A good tune Nick!

    (edited): Got it all worked out. It took me a week of playing it over and over and probably driving my wife half insane but it's in the memory bank. I had to come up with a couple of modifications as I just can't reach the 7th fret with my pinkie due to some left hand trauma years ago from a motorcycle accident, but my improvisation still sounds OK. Now to pick up the speed...that'll be a different story!

    I'd also love to learn "Constitution March" by Norman Blake from his "Far Away, Down On A Georgia Farm" cd. I know it's probably not public domain and maybe it can't be a lesson here. Hopefully I can pick some of it up off the cd by ear and work out a version of it. But it's a cool song and doesn't sound too awfully difficult.

    Max in AZ
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